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Hexagonal diamond ring

It’s hard to find any diamond form quite like the hexagonal diamond’s six distinct sides. Hexagonal diamonds are distinctive in that no one else is likely to be wearing an engagement ring that is identical to yours. They have clean, contemporary lines that make them stand out



In order to acquire a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, it is essential to first choose an appropriate center stone. The form of your stone is just as important as the quality of the stone itself, whether it be a magnificent salt and pepper diamond or a stunning sapphire. You may find the ideal, nontraditional engagement ring in the shape of a hexagon.

When the stone is carved into the distinctive and angular shape of a hexagon, the resulting ring is called a “hexagon ring.” Round, princess, oval, pear, cushion, and emerald are some of the most common shapes, but you may also have seen other popular cuts. If you’re looking for an alternative engagement ring, though, you’ll need a certain gemstone cut. The hexagon is a beautiful shape that occurs naturally.

A honeycomb’s structure is responsible for its strength and resilience. A relationship’s compatibility and oneness may be symbolized by a hexagon ring, which represents balance and harmony.

Honey & Goldies has four “create your own” options for you to choose from: Baguette Edge Hexagon Ring, Cluster Edge Hexagon Or Pear Ring, Hexagon + Ray Band Ring and The Hexagon + Triangle Diamond Edge Ring- Or, you can work directly with Honey & Goldies to create a fully bespoke/custom Hexagon ring.

After you’ve chosen the design that speaks to you, you can customize it by choosing the metals and stones you want for your ring. Hexagonal stones are already a unique choice, but with the customization options, Honey & Goldies offers, you’re guaranteed a unique ring.



As a result of their rarity (which also adds to their allure), hexagon stones may be hard to come by, so you may need to shop around at several jewelry stores.

Typically, there are two distinct cuts for the center stone in a hexagon-cut engagement ring, each having different effects on the diamond’s sparkle. The facet structure of a brilliant-cut hexagon diamond is very similar to that of a round-cut diamond. This produces a jewel with outstanding sparkle.

Similarly to the facets found on emerald cuts and Asscher cut diamonds, those found on step-cut hexagon diamonds are arranged in a hexagonal pattern. The picture generated by the open facets of the stone is more about glassy depth than traditional brightness, and it takes the eye directly to the gem’s core.

It’s important to remember that a stone with a hexagonal cut is particularly susceptible to damage from snagging on clothes or dulling over time if it isn’t set in a sturdy prong or bezel.


Why Should You Get A Hexagonal Ring

It’s an alternative to the traditional round or square set. Hexagonal engagement rings are a stylish addition to any ring finger. Like a hexagon, an unusually shaped engagement ring can be a great way to show off your individuality while maintaining the classic appeal of a band with a precious rock. What’s more, this nontraditional cut may accentuate the color of your centerpiece stone, which is another reason to appreciate it.



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