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About Us

Honey&Goldies is family-owned by husband + wife duo, Matt & Lindsay. Creating jewelry evolved organically for them both, with creative backgrounds for Lindsay as a hairstylist and Matt as a bar director. Lindsay began her jewelry path as a self-taught silversmith, creating pieces as a hobby. This quickly gained unexpected momentum and she phased away from hair to attend a fine jewelry academy and begin a career in fine + bespoke jewelry. With a growing business and a passion for creating, Matt joined his wife and quickly became a staple part of H&G as the CAD specialist.

As a husband + wife with two small kids, the whole family pours love into every made piece. Matt & Lindsay practically eat, sleep, and breathe jewelry not just at work, but the passion and care for what they do overflows beyond work hours and into their home. They genuinely love their jobs, creating unique and meaningful pieces, and talking with every single customer with a ray of sunshine behind each interaction. Matt & Lindsay are forever honored to be trusted to create unique, meaningful pieces that are all your own!
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Our Quality Promise

Wear any piece of Honey & Goldies jewelry knowing it was designed and crafted with care and attention to every detail.

Our Custom Stone Sourcing

At Honey&Goldies, we understand that finding the perfect stone is essential to creating a truly unique and personalized piece of jewelry. That’s why we offer a specialized service for sourcing specific custom stones for our customers.
Sourcing a specific stone is not just a task; it’s a dedicated process that requires hours and days of meticulous effort. As your personal jeweler, we personally invest extensive time and expertise into connecting with multiple stone cutters and suppliers to hunt down the exact diamond or gemstone you desire. Whether you’re seeking a specific diamond cut or a rare stone color, rest assured that we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection.
What sets us apart is our commitment to going above and beyond to find the most exceptional and unique stones for our clients. While others may shy away from the challenge, we embrace it wholeheartedly, leveraging our vast network of contacts and industry knowledge to fulfill your vision. With access to a diverse array of resources, we’re able to offer you a level of customization and quality that is truly unparalleled.
So, if you have a specific stone in mind for your custom piece of jewelry, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to turn your dream into reality, one exquisite stone at a time.

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