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Honey&Goldies is family-owned by husband + wife duo, Matt & Lindsay. Creating jewelry evolved organically for them both, with creative backgrounds for Lindsay as a hairstylist and Matt as a bar director. Lindsay began her jewelry path as a self-taught silversmith, creating pieces as a hobby. This quickly gained unexpected momentum and she phased away from hair to attend a fine jewelry academy and begin a career in fine + bespoke jewelry. With a growing business and a passion for creating, Matt joined his wife and quickly became a staple part of H&G as the CAD specialist. As a husband + wife with two small kids, the whole family pours love into every made piece. Matt & Lindsay practically eat, sleep, and breathe jewelry not just at work, but the passion and care for what they do overflows beyond work hours and into their home. They genuinely love their jobs, creating unique and meaningful pieces, and talking with every single customer with a ray of sunshine behind each interaction. Matt & Lindsay are forever honored to be trusted to create unique, meaningful pieces that are all your own!

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Honey & Goldies offers the opportunity to work directly with us to design & create your dream piece. If you have navigated through our website + lookbook & cannot find what you’re looking for, please reach out to get a bespoke piece started!



I just wanted to say that my custom ring experience with you was so absolutely amazing. You made the whole process so easy and fun. Not only did I get the ring of my dreams... but much much more. You answered any questions I had during and after the process without hesitation. I am so honored to wear your beautiful jewelry and I cannot wait to order my next piece from you! You've got a customer for life.


I've worked with you twice for custom jelwelry and bought something ready to ship once as well... Every. Single. Time. You  have been LOVELY to work with. Aside from the fact that you are *such* a talent, you are such a pleasure to work with. You are super patient and kind and accommodating and always end up crafting THE most beautifully unique jewelry. I am honored to wear your art, my aunt wears your art, and I will stay a repeat customer forever.


Although I wasn't a part of the process designing the exact rings from you, my fiancé had nothing but good things to say about the process. We are both in love with the custom ring and stacking band you made us! Couldn't have a more perfect engagement ring(s) and look forward to designing the wedding band with you! Thank you so much!

Brianna C

We have had multiple pieces completed and we are endlessly amazed. The quality and customer service are superior and keep us coming back for more. The process could not be more personalized and special for each jewelry piece. We are ecstatic with our rings!


Yes!!! My ring is literally the most perfect thing in the world, and I know that you have Anthony a lot of guidance and advice throughout the process to pick the one that fit me best. And it did and I love it so much and get compliments on it daily!And then! When I was doing Anthony’s ring, you showed me all of these unique and gorgeous diamonds for his ring to match his unique personality and dealt with me going back and forth and then gave me all the advice on the different karats of gold that I needed to take into consideration because of how much he works with his hands. Not only that, but I had a deadline for a trip we were going on, and you got it done so quickly, and it was so beautiful and I honestly wanted to keep it for myself! Your craftsmanship (craftswomanship?) is incredible and the attention to detail makes these pieces so special and amazing. Thank you! 

Morgan R

You are a goddamn dream. I never thought I wanted diamonds until I had your rings on my finger. I am so thankful for you! You’re patience and artistic abilities are beyond amazing. Thank you so much!!!

Valarie F

Lindsay is literally the best. She is so thoughtful and kind, she is willing to go the extra mile to get you a stone and setting that is perfect for you! 

She has such an eye for her craft and the proof is in the details and perfection of her rings. I am not a jewelry person and I knew I HAD to have one of her rings for my engagement. And I wear it so proudly everyday and constantly receive compliments. She is amazing with the turn around time of making your ring, and makes sure that everything is perfect for each and every person she works with. And now I am beyond excited to stack my engagement ring with two of the most stunning bands Lindsay helped me pick out for my wedding day. Reno is lucky to have someone so talented and so sweet. Thank you thank thank for everything friend! ️

Jane G

My husband designed my rings with you and they’re everything I ever dreamed of!!

The Oaklands

We can’t thank you enough for bringing our vision to life! After we eloped, I didn’t have a clear idea of what my wedding ring would be, but we both wanted you to design it. I’ve admired your work for years and you helped us through every step. This ring is so sentimental in every way and you’ve made it timeless. It’s truly a dream come true and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


My boyfriend has been going to you for YEARS. You designed our one year anniversary ring (which was a lovely opal ) and currently you’re designing our FOUR year anniversary ring. I have no idea what it looks like, but I look forward to the surprise. Your jewelry is a symbol of our love story and I wear your pieces daily. 

Thank you for all you do. It is so appreciated.

Truly T

Lindsay deserves ALL the best reviews. You’re a true talent, skilled craftswoman, wonderful mother, and genuinely kind human being. I’m grateful to know you. I’m so proud to wear something that was created by you and designed with so much care and consideration. I just can’t even imagine a more perfect ring for me. I’m so so grateful.

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