What is a promise ring, and why do people give them?

By Alejandra Ruiz Preciado January 25, 2023

Promise rings have been around for centuries as a sign of love and commitment between partners. But what is a promise ring, how should it be gifted, and when should it be given? This article will explore the truth about promise rings and answer some key questions.

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring, also known as a commitment ring, is a special piece of jewelry that is given to symbolize a commitment to a relationship. Commitment rings can be given for many reasons, most commonly to signify a pre-engagement or as a symbol of friendship. While there is no set meaning for promise rings, they are often seen to show dedication and commitment. 

History of promise rings

Although there are several origin stories of commitment rings, the general history of the commitment ring is thought to date back to medieval times. Knights would give their ladies a ring before going off to war. The rings were meant to be a symbol of their love and devotion. In recent years, the tradition has evolved and become more common among young couples who are not ready for marriage yet. 

What is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring?

When committing to a relationship, a few different types of rings can be given. So, what's the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring? 

Promise rings

A commitment ring can symbolize many things but is most commonly seen as a symbol of commitment. It usually signifies that the couple is serious about each other, but not ready for marriage. 

Engagement rings

An engagement ring signifies the couple is ready to get married. 

What is the purpose of a promise ring?

Commitment rings can be given for several reasons and by (and to) people of all ages and genders. A promise ring is a symbol of love and commitment. It is often given as a gift to show that the giver (and wearer) is serious about their relationship. Some say promise rings are like engagement rings, but without formal commitment. Others say they are simply a way to show your partner you are committed to them. A commitment ring can signify friendship, love, or fidelity or represent a promise to oneself or another person.

What finger do you wear a promise ring on?

A promise ring can be worn on any finger. However, it's often worn on the left hand's ring finger.

How much should a promise ring cost? 

When it comes to promise rings, there is no set price, but they tend to be less expensive and more simple than engagement rings. The cost of a promise ring depends on the quality of the materials, the ring design, and the jeweler. 

When should a promise ring be given?

There are no set rules for how or when to give a promise ring, but you should keep a few things in mind. Be sure that you and the receiver are on the same page about what the ring means and that you are ready for a serious commitment before taking this step. If you are considering giving someone a commitment ring, have a serious discussion about your relationship to ensure this is the right decision for both of you. This will help avoid any misunderstandings down the road.

What types of promise rings are there?

Since the meaning of a promise ring is so personal, there are endless possibilities. The type of ring you choose should reflect your relationship and what the promise represents to you both. Here are a few popular types of commitment rings:

Diamond promise ring

diamond promise ring is a classic choice that is sure to dazzle. It's a beautiful way to symbolize your eternal love and commitment.

Diamond V Band - Promise Ring

Birthstone promise ring

birthstone commitment ring is a unique option that features the birthstone of your loved one. This is a special way to honor their birthday and show how much they mean to you.

Birthstone Promise Ring

Eternity commitment ring

An eternity promise ring signifies never-ending love and commitment. It's the perfect way to show your partner that you'll always be there for them.

Plain gold promise ring

plain gold commitment ring is a timeless choice that conveys a simple yet powerful message.

Dark Star Promise Ring

Giving a promise ring is a wonderful way to show someone that you care about them and want to be with them. It can be a very special and meaningful gesture if done correctly. If you want to give someone a commitment ring, choose one that has meaning and will be cherished for years. 

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